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Keeping our families safe and sound is more than a priority, it’s who we are and it drives everything we do. It’s a sense of responsibility that we work hard to fulfill, seeking out the most current information and advice on how to protect ourselves and our family members during all stages of life, from infancy and teenage years to the elderly and in every situation is what INCRESE is here to give. INCRESE spent the day with a family that brought a member for counselling. One of the issues identified was the need for security training for the entire family, parents, children and domestic staff. This was what we did:



The family was educated on their human rights as the constitutional privileges enjoyed by citizens of a country which are entitlements for being born human and these rights have principles which are bounded on all forms of human rights.

  • Universality
  • Indivisibility and interrelated
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Participation and inclusive
  • Accountability and rule of law



More often than not, crimes occur because we open ourselves and our families to criminal opportunities, talking to strangers, absence of security procedures for anonymous callers, taking for granted one’s safety outside the home, makes us easy prey to criminals. In the fight against crime, knowing that the worst can happen is what makes you less prone to be a victim and more confident I avoiding disasters. Here are some home safety and security tips that can help you protect yourself and family:

  • Always do a background check of anyone you intend to employ e.g. babysitter, gardener, domestic helper, driver or security guard.
  • Teach the children not to talk to strangers or accept anything from strangers.
  • Ask your children’s school not to give information regarding to children to anyone
  • Strangers should be kept away from the house, entertaining strangers at the gate or on phone is a breach of security measures
  • Never give out information of the whereabouts of a family member to just anyone on phone or in person
  • The safety and security of a person is a basic entitlement guaranteed by the universal declaration of human rights[UDHR], there are various measures of ensuring personal security such as:
  • Use of surveillance camera
  • Ensuring minimal relationship with strangers
  • Ensuring any suspicious movement to security personnel’s


On digital security the importance of protecting our computers, internet accounts and files from intrusion from outside users, measures of protecting digital security are

  • Not disclosing personal information on social media especially your location
  • Not giving out phone numbers to strangers
  • Ensuring that documents on phones and laptops are pass worded
  • Being conscious of bank fraud tactics

The family undertook their risk assessment during which they identified their weaknesses, they developed an action plan and information flow chart to reduce their household security risk.

The training ended with drinks for everyone.

Here at INCRESE your family’s safety and security is our concern, we can tailor a training for you and your family and your office. Contact us on 08065488417

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