The culture of silence on issues of sexuality cuts across all cultures in Nigeria, in some more than others. The majority of Nigerian people appear to be uncomfortable in discussing issues relating to sexuality and reproduction. This has resulted in poor or abject lack information on sexual and reproductive health and rights among Nigerians, including policy makers at all levels.

These tendencies continue to gain grounds as a result of international campaigns by conservatives and fundamentalists bastardizing the terms “Sexual and Reproductive Rights”. They have continued to frustrate all efforts to put global policies on sexual reproductive rights in place, which could be used at country level to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health.

These campaigns have reinforced a negative and sometimes confrontational attitude among Nigerians towards information/education on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, with devastating effects on Nigerians.

These include among others, the high rate of HIV/AIDS transmission and Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs) among young people, maternal morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortions and lack of quality maternal care and sexual violence. Addressing these calls call for immediate action.

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