Within the framework of the mentorship programme of this project, young adults are trained for a period of six months. The young adults undergo an intensive coaching in the first month, when they visit the organisation of placement and intern with their mentor.  Mentors are assigned according to the field of interest of the mentees and they supervise their activities closely for six months; providing guidance that will enable the project achieve its goals.



Broad-based advocacy: Carry out individual and group advocacy interventions in all thematic areas.  Issues addressed by fellows include but not limited to violence against women and other sexual minorities, mobilising public support for SRHR issues, such as SSMPA litigation, political participation of disadvantaged groups including women, reproductive rights issues such as abortion, rape, comprehensive sexuality education and services for adolescents across the nation, especially in northern Nigeria, ending child marriage, sustainable environment, women and the economy, peace and security, and any other emerging issues.

Mentors support their mentees for six months after which the mentees become fellows and are decorated with the P3HD badge.

The P3HD (pronounced as “Triple PHD”) stands for Political Participation, Population, Health and Development.

The P3HD Fellows work in partnership across the country re-enforcing one another.  It is the birth of a movement.


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